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Requirements and Process

  • Youth must be between the ages of 15 and 7 months - 18 years of age at the start of the program.

  • Youth must be a resident of Washington, DC

  • Youth can't have felony adjudications or convictions

  • Must be medically cleared to enroll

  • Disengaged from high school 

Step 1: Pre-Application Complete a Pre-Application at the above link, in the menu.  Once the Admissions Department receive your Pre-Application, the applicant and parent/guardian will be invited to attend an orientation.​


Step 2: Orientation

Orientation will provide program information for applicants and guardians.  Applicants will also officially begin the enrollment process.  Please note that orientations are mandatory for all applicants and guardians.


Step 3: Application Review

Complete applications and submit all required documentation for review.  If applications have been received and accepted, the applicant will then be invited to  interview.


​Step 4: Interview

Applicants are required to interview with academy.  Interviews are for applicants only.


Step 5: Acceptance Letters and Pre-In Processing

 Once you've received an acceptance letter, you will then be invited to attend Pre-In Processing.  During Pre-In Processing, parents/guardians will have an opportunity to meet with each department and applicants will be fitted for their uniform.​​

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